Conquer Great Heights with First-Class Cherry Picker Hire

Call upon the specialists at Ashford Extra Reach, in Ashford, Kent, when you need dependable cherry picker hire services. As an honest company, we always keep our customers well-informed and safe. For this reason, we have put together some considerations that you should bear in mind, prior to proceeding with MEWP hire.

Receive a Truly Tailored Service

At Ashford Extra Reach we tailor our service to your exact requirements. That’s why we offer our cherry pickers with a one or two man crew, where required. This means you have the option to choose the size of your workforce at the time of booking. You may choose to work with a single operator and carry out the project yourself; in this case you will be required by the operator to wear a full-body harness. This is attached to the cherry picker cradle for safety reasons. Most jobs that require working at height may be carried out with a cherry picker. Our cherry pickers offer a range of reaches, and are suitable for domestic use around your property, with access permitting.

Reading Our Terms and Conditions

Prior to hiring a cherry picker from our company, you must read and understand our terms and conditions. Please note that our cherry picker operators are not typically qualified to work on electrical installations. This means you will need to have a qualified electrical installer also present. When hiring a cherry picker, you will be asked to read and confirm that you have read and understood the terms and conditions of the hire company for your own safety.

Understanding Our Specifications

For general domestic jobs that require a cherry picker, we use a van-based vehicle with a 13.5-metre reach. This gives sufficient height for a standard house. Please take a few moments to consider the following points:

  • A vehicle of this type will weigh in excess of 4,600kg, and you must be sure that the area leading to your site, and the site itself, is sufficiently capable of withstanding this amount of weight. You will be fully responsible for any damage incurred, once the vehicle leaves the public highway.
  • Private roads are not considered to be public highways and are not usually constructed to the same strength as a public highway. Please bear this in mind before ordering. We are unable to undertake any work in Low Emission Zones (LEZ) throughout London.

Trust Our Experienced Operators

At Ashford Extra Reach we have extensive experience in providing a reliable cherry picker rental service. Have a browse through our recent photographs to see the services we carry out on a day-to-day basis. To find out more about how we can help you with a tricky DIY project requiring the use of a cherry picker, get in touch with our friendly team to arrange an appointment.

Contact us, in Ashford, Kent, to obtain more details about the reliable cherry picker hire services we offer as an established company.